Synchrony Bank Class Action Lawsuit


It appears that Synchrony Bank has finally come to their senses and is now allowing class action lawsuits by consumers to go forward. This comes as a relief to many people who have been complaining about not being able to get the money they are owed from their credit card companies. In fact, the class action lawsuit settlement will allow these individuals to be paid for what they are actually owed. Of course, this does not mean that Synchrony Bank or any other bank is taking advantage of anyone.

Synchrony Bank Class Action Lawsuit

The class action lawsuit means that each individual who signs up for the suit will receive a percentage of the total amount owed from the debt collection efforts of Synchrony Bank. So, the more money that is owed, the more money each person will get. It is as simple as that. In order to make it even better, each person will also be getting at least one phone call each week from Synchrony Bank. Many of these individuals will receive more than one phone call per week.

The reason behind the new policy at Synchrony Bank is because of the concerns expressed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

The FTC became involved with Synchrony Bank because of the way in which some of their borrowers were being treated. Specifically, the borrowers who had placed orders for automatic cellular telephone and other automated debt collection services from the bank were being hit with annoying robocalls and other unsolicited calls on a regular basis. This was causing a great deal of concern on the part of the FTC. So, they made a decision to sue Synchrony Bank to make sure that their customers were not being treated unfairly.

There are two class action lawsuits that have been brought against Synchrony Bank.

The first is a class action lawsuit against the debt collection department of Synchrony Bank that placed the automatic phone calls on their customers. The second is a lawsuit that was brought against the bank itself. This case involves the use of robocalls and the way in which the bank used information from third parties in order to place the robocalls on their customers. Both of these lawsuits are currently pending before the courts.

One thing that we need to be aware of is that there is a difference between robocalls and cellular phone harassment. Robocalls are annoying and do not warrant any form of legal action.

However, these calls from banks and other similar companies may be considered harassing by the court system and should be taken seriously. So, it is important to make sure that you are not being subjected to a constant stream of robocalls from a company like Synchrony Bank. The second case that is pending before the courts involves the use of information from third parties.

So, as you can see, you have many options when it comes to dealing with a class action lawsuit.

You can try to settle the claims that you have filed with the courts. You can also choose to go to trial if you want to. The most important thing to remember is that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain if you decide to file a class action lawsuit against Synchrony Bank. There are so many people out there that have been scammed and they deserve a chance to get back what they lost, so take advantage of this opportunity today.

It appears that Synchrony Bank has finally come to their senses and is now allowing class action lawsuits by consumers to go forward. This comes as a relief to many people who have been complaining about not being able to get the money they are owed from their credit card companies. In fact, the class…


  1. I am currently fighting negative comments on my credit report by Synchrony Bank after filing a complaint with the CA Attorney General’s office, the result of which was Synchrony Bank telling me that my account was “Paid in Full, settled for less than full balance”. What started this whole thing back in August 2021 was me refusing to pay a fraudulent charge which appeared on my Chase Bank statement in late July of 2021 out of Atlanta, GA for $370.62. So, after being harassed with numerous letters to settle for a negotiated amount (that would not affect my credit score) and numerous phone calls (until I specifically asked them to stop calling me and to contact me only by postal or email) they agreed to settle for a negotiated amount. Now I look at my Innovis Credit Report online and see that there are two entries for Synchrony Bank with the verbiage “Paid in Full, settled for less than full balance”. I am starting with Innovis then going to the other three (3) major credit bureaus on this to get this changed to “Paid in Full” with no negative comments. As it is these ding my credit until 2027, not fair, especially since the whole thing that started this was a fraudulent charge generated on my Amazon (SYNCHRONY BANK) Card. A fraudulent charge SYNCHRONY BANK would not take responsibility for and that even Chase Bank agreed and confirmed was incorrect. I hope you sue the hell out of these f***ers!

  2. I have sued synchrony already and won now there at it again with HSN not sending me the bill and then claiming I’m late. U

  3. I want to know what class action law suit can I join for all the hell this bank put me through. The problems I am having now are: 1. The bank sent me a letter saying they had received info on me and made the necessary changes like changing my address and other info. I didn’t change nothing, and the won’t tell me who did. I have lived in my house for 22 years. It cause me to be shammed on two of my accounts, Belk and Care Credit. Over $20,000.00 on my Belk and $12,000.00 on my Care Cedric accounts. Belk got it straight after making plenty of call back and forth, and still waiting on Care Credit. Still gets this large bill from Care Credit Account. The credit score was 826 and fell down to 6 something. I am on Anxiety Meds, can’t sleep, worried to death, my heart problems are worsting, high pretension, diabetic. I just can’t rest. They said it would take about 60 days to complete but we going now into 3 months. Still sending me these large bill they say I owe. I pay my bills, never missed a payment and never been late. The perfect customer they would love to deal with. HELP!!!

  4. B. Owens;
    I am in a 4mo ordeal w. Synchrony bank. There were multiple fraudulent charges in one day from Saudi Arabia, and Mumbai, India. We are talking the tune of 18K. I have placed numerous phone calls and faxes of various documents they have requested. There was money put in as Rupees then taking them out as USD. I am now forced to pull in a lawyer that will take them to task on how they did’nt freeze the account right away and how they were complicit in allowing “The bad guys” to hound me w. numerous phone calls as Synchrony Bank employees getting the information they need to hack my Sams Club World Elite Master Card. Im sure there is a class action suit started on this already.
    Close any Accounts you have w,. them!!!!!

  5. It has been over a year and a half fighting with them for fraud on my discount tire card. I owed them Around $800.00 ..Now they say I owe them over $3,500.00.. But better yet they now closed all my other accounts with them. stating first for nonpayment which was a lie I pay every month to then, then they come up with the credit bureau told them bad credit another lies because the credit emailed me to ask way, I closed down 5 of my accounts. I told them I’m not paying discount tire card it’s not my bill,, fix the fraud amounts.

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