Ticketmaster Lawsuit Codes For Live Nation Concerts and Shows


The code will only work if Live Nation uses it before June 18, 2020, when it must fill up empty pockets at events and charge people for parking. If Live Nation uses the code before then, it will be able to fill those empty pockets at concerts and other events by offering free tickets to Hall & Oates or Def Leppard. Then, it will have to live up to its settlement obligations and avoid another costly lawsuit.

Ticketmaster sent out $386 million worth of discount codes

A lawsuit alleges that Ticketmaster is guilty of a massive scam in which it mailed out more than $386 million in discount codes, but only paid out about $42 million. As a result, people with the discount codes are advised to check their Ticketmaster accounts regularly to see if they can use them. A lawsuit against Ticketmaster also states that the company sent out the vouchers to consumers in 19 states, but the vouchers were only available in these 19 states.

The deal includes three terms that will be enforceable. The first term is the expiration date. If a person has a ticket delivered to them before this date, they can use the expired voucher within seven days. If the date has passed, the discount codes will expire after a year. In addition, customers are not required to use the codes after they expire. Ticketmaster has a four-year window for releasing additional tickets to pay for the $386 million settlement.

Ticketmaster updated the list of events eligible for vouchers

Ticketmaster has released a list of concerts and shows eligible for the discount code. All events held in Live Nation venues are eligible for vouchers. The closest venue to Kansas City is Hollywood Casino Amphitheater. Among other acts, Darius Rucker, Kenny Chesney, Joan Jett, and the Blackhearts, Weezer, Panic! at the Disco, and countless others are eligible for the discounts. Ticketmaster’s list of eligible events is now complete, and vouchers for these events are valid through June 2020.

There are some restrictions. For instance, tickets to the Led Zeppelin Experience aren’t eligible for the voucher, but tickets to Foreigner and Klipsch Music Center are eligible for the discount. Vouchers expire in June 2020, so the company does not guarantee they will still be valid after that date. The list is not searchable or sortable, and vouchers can’t be used for events that are already sold out.

Ticketmaster changed the way it describes its fees since the lawsuit

The Ticketmaster settlement does not rein in the company’s hefty service fees. It does, however, require the ticket-seller to change how it describes fees. Ticketmaster has disputed that the fee descriptions were misleading. Ticketmaster attorneys did not respond to requests for comment, but the company will likely change the way it describes fees in the future. Ticketmaster has been the target of class-action lawsuits, including a lawsuit filed by two fans back in 2003.

The settlement was reached after the company settled a class-action lawsuit alleging fraud in the ticket sales process. The lawsuit claimed that the company deceived thousands of consumers and hid certain disclosures in their fine print. Ticketmaster responded by changing the way it describes fees. Ticketmaster has since made major changes to its website and customer service. But it must still comply with the terms and conditions outlined in the lawsuit.

Ticketmaster settles lawsuit

The ticketing giant is set to make good on a 2013 settlement of a class-action lawsuit involving more than 50 million consumers. In this case, Ticketmaster failed to fully disclose the fee charged by UPS to consumers. After a lengthy legal battle, the company finally settled the lawsuit and agreed to give affected customers discount tickets and vouchers to use on future UPS deliveries. The company fulfilled these requirements in February 2015.

The settlement involves two major changes to the Ticketmaster website and its FAQ pages. Ticketmaster agreed to disclose its processing and delivery fees, but these may not be equal to the fees that consumers paid. It may also be up to Live Nation to decide to eliminate the codes. The settlement does not resolve all the issues with its customer service. Nevertheless, if a lawsuit is successful, it can give class members free tickets to various concerts, sports events, and other events.

Ticketmaster will pay out $42 million over four years

Under the terms of the settlement, Ticketmaster must provide customers with an estimated $386 million in vouchers, which they will be required to redeem for free tickets. The vouchers can be redeemed only by users in the eligible states. Since Ticketmaster has no other way to provide tickets to concertgoers, releasing the vouchers to the public is the only option. Ticketmaster also agreed to make a certain number of free tickets available, which is expected to offset the discounted tickets.

The settlement follows an earlier lawsuit, Schlesinger v. Ticketmaster, filed in 2003 in California. The suit was filed after consumers complained that the company had violated California law. The lawsuit grew to include 50 million people. The settlement included a requirement that Ticketmaster pays $42 million in free tickets to customers by 2020. The case has caused Ticketmaster to lose its reputation with consumers. Some commentators have even referred to Ticketmaster as a “garbage fire.”

The code will only work if Live Nation uses it before June 18, 2020, when it must fill up empty pockets at events and charge people for parking. If Live Nation uses the code before then, it will be able to fill those empty pockets at concerts and other events by offering free tickets to…

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